#SixWeeksStrongerWithLindsey Week One

HI FAM. Again, I just wanted to say THANK YOU for all of your support with this new challenge I'm taking on. I can't wait for you all to join me these next six weeks!

In case you missed it, here's a recap of what I'm going to be doing these next six weeks and how you can get in on the fun as well :) click here to read my IG post so you don't miss out on any of the hashtags!

Like I said, I'm just using the next six weeks to get back into my routine and start feeling better than ever. I'm starting my friend Madeline's #MoveSweatShred guide (check that out here!). I will be modifying the schedule slightly so that I can fit my #FullBodyFriday workouts in on Friday - scroll down to check out how I'm doing that! I'm also hopping back on the counting macros train, which I admittedly fell off a bit (holidays ya feel).

BOTTOM LINE IS you don't have to follow the same workouts as me or track macros. This six weeks is all about me checking in with you and you checking in with me. I've found accountability to be one of the most motivating factors, so hopefully you will find this too. Basically, I just want to connect with all of you and for you to feel like you've got someone cheering you on every step of the way. And if you're new to this whole "health and fitness" thing, I'm hoping this will help you adopt healthier habits and show you that it doesn't have to be a grueling or boring process.

Without further ado... here's my workout schedule for Week #1:

Monday: MSS Guide - Cardio/Heavy Legs/Burnout

Tuesday: MSS Guide - Upper Body/HIIT

Wednesday: MSS Guide - Cardio/Core

Thursday: Back/Upper Body/LISS

Friday: Full Body Workout from #LYFB Guide (still just $20 here!)

Saturday: MSS Guide - Legs/HIIT


AND here's what I meal prepped:

Pre-breakfast: Vital Proteins collagen coffee

Breakfast: soft-boiled eggs w/ avocado toast OR 1 packet oatfit w/ 1 Up Nutrition protein and PB (code lindseylivingwell for 20% off all supplements)

Morning snack: mixed berries w/ yogurt

Lunch: sriracha tuna (recipe below) w/ triscuits OR leftovers from dinner the night before

Afternoon snack: raw veggies (green peppers and cucumbers) w/ string cheese OR hummus

Dinner: I don't usually prep dinner but I will just put it into My Fitness Pal beforehand and then measure out accordingly so that I don't go over my macros

**Typically I will have protein ice cream w toppings or regular ice cream after dinner, depending on macros. Lately I've been loving the Quest protein cookies as well!

Sriracha Tuna Recipe:

  • 200g light tuna
  • 23g Sir Kensington's sriracha mayo *if you don't count macros, this was about 2 tbsp
  • 75g cucumber
  • 15g relish or just chopped pickles *I'm weird, I know, feel free to emit
  • Salt & pepper to taste

Divide into however many servings you choose. For two servings, the macros per serving are: 21.4P/3.6C/9.5F

Did you like this? Let me know in the comments below! Every Sunday, I will be posting blogs just like this to keep you updated on how my six week challenge is going! LOVE YOU ALL.


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