The blessing that is my all natural skincare routine

To all my babes that have been waiting a year for me to FINALLY write this article, I'm sorry and you're welcome :) Let me just tell you I have never been one to be complimented on my skin. Have I had BAD acne? No. However, with uneven skin tone, SUPER oily skin, awful hormonal breakouts, blemishes, sun spots... I've definitely had my share of struggles. But since I started focusing on what I put on my skin and how I take care of it, I've never been so confident without makeup. And it's an incredible feeling when other people notice too.

It wasn't until I started becoming super active and working out everyday that I noticed things took a turn for the worst. I began having terrible breakouts, on my face and my back especially. Nothing I did seemed to help. I tried the harshest of products and stuff full of chemicals (yes, I even tried the toothpaste method to dry out my skin - don't do it, guys. Don't do it).

I started to get so frustrated that eventually I just decided to do some research. That's when I stumbled on Franklin & Whitman on instagram. I saw some of my favorite IG "influencers" recommend it and I entered a giveaway probably 1,000 times in hopes to win one of their face masks. With all of my determination and comments, I won. After trying the face mask once, I was hooked. And a week later I had ordered the entire face set. 

To be honest, I waited this long to write this article because I wanted to give my skin long enough to really notice a difference (Okay yes maybe I didn't need THIS long, but still). I'm not the type of person who will just tell you guys to use something because a company sends me free product or says they'll give me commission. If something doesn't work for me, I'm certainly not going to push it on you.

So, without further ado, here is my completely honest and real-life daily AND weekly skincare routine. P.s. if you're not familiar with Franklin & Whitman, check out their social mission and who they donate some of their profit to. Trust me, after reading that, you'll want to buy the entire store (hint: it involves doggies).


Night: F&W cleansing serum, facial toner, face serum

Step 1. Cleansing Serum. This step is referred to as "oil cleansing" or "oil pulling." I was extremely skeptical about this at first because my skin is so naturally oily, I used to believe the only way to fix that was to completely strip it dry with chemicals (I wish I could just slap myself for that). In essence, the GOOD oils you're applying help to dissolve the DIRTY oils that build up in your pores. You apply the oil cleanser onto dry skin and allow it time to saturate your skin. I typically rub the oil in circular motions for at least a minute, but you can let it sit for 5-10 minutes to really get a good cleanse. Then, I place a hot wash cloth over my face to create steam, which opens the pores even more and allows oil and toxins to leave the skin. Finally, I rub my face gently with the washcloth which helps remove any excess oil/makeup/dirt and also helps exfoliate.


JUST FYI: It is NORMAL (from what I've experienced and researched) for your skin to need an adjustment period when switching to natural products. What do I mean? You may experience more oily skin or more breakouts than you're used to while the impurities take their time to fully exit. For me, this "adjustment" period lasted about a week, maybe 10 days. Moral of the story: don't freak out if things start to look worse before they look better.

Step 2: Facial Toner. Aka the secret to my "glow." A facial toner helps balance the pH of your skin, refining your pores and evening out your complexion. There are many things (environment, face soaps, sweat) that disturb the pH level of our skin. This often causes your skin to work in "overtime" trying to balance it out, and can lead to the production of excess oils. I prefer a non-alcoholic toner as alcohol can dry out your skin too much, leading to the overproduction of oil even more. Franklin & Whitman's comes in the perfect spray bottle so application is easy and contains hydrosols of Cucumber, Hibiscus, Sweet Orange, and Witch Hazel - just what I need for my sensitive skin and it smells fabulous.

Step 3: Face Serum. The only moisturizer you'll ever need. I have been in love with Franklin & Whitman's face serum since the first time I tried it. It doesn't leave my skin feeling heavy or oily and it smells amazing. Essentially, you want to replenish your skin with good, natural oils so that your skin doesn't become to dry (am I becoming redundant? it's okay as along as you understand that just because you have oil on your skin doesn't mean you should dry it out!).

Morning: Just a hot wash cloth and F&W facial toner.

I don't "wash" my face in the morning. I simply use a hot wash cloth and wipe my face clean (usually post-gym sesh), give my face a couple sprays of the facial toner, then I'm good-to-go!


Three NIGHTS a week, my skincare routine goes into a bit more depth. I typically do Sunday/Tuesday/Thursday night, but you can do it whenever works for you and however many times a week you prefer. I found that 3 times a week is what works best for me :) I use what they have listed as "The Ultimate Face Care Kit." This includes 6 steps as follows:

1. Cleanse: CLEANSING SERUM (how I use this described above in daily skincare routine)


2. Exfoliate: FACE SCRUB. My personal favorite is the Midtown Village because it has real coffee grounds in it and smells UN-FREAKING-REAL. But, if you're one of those rare humans that hates coffee (pls explain), their brown sugar scrub is equally as fabulous. The scrub helps get rid of dead and dry skin cells and also replenishes the skin with healthy, natural oils. Basically your face will feel soft as a baby's bottom.


3. Steam: BOTANICAL STEAM. This step is the most underrated, but one that I cannot live without. Not only do they smell amazing, but they help to open your pores, stimulate circulation, and rehydrate your skin. My personal favorite at the moment is the Jefferson Square: basically a heavenly combination of cinnamon and clove. Yum.


4. Mask: FACE MASK. Face masks seem to be "trendy" nowadays, but I promise this one is all it's cracked up to be. I would recommend researching the face masks that Franklin & Whitman offer and pick one that suits your skin type! My personal favorite is the Spruce Hill mask, which contains matcha, pomegranate, and activated charcoal. The matcha green tea helps with redness and inflammation, the pomegranate provides anti-oxidants and anti-aging properties, and the activated charcoal helps to absorb the oil and dirt from deep within your pores. It's basically a God-send, especially with my hormonal breakouts.

5. Toner: FACIAL TONER (how I use this described above in daily skincare routine)

6. Moisturize: FACE SERUM (how I use this described above in daily skincare routine)

Are you still with me?

I hope so. I realize this was long and maybe drawn-out, but it's something that I have become insanely passionate about I just had to give you every little detail and explanation. Moral of the story: your skin is the largest organ in your body. TAKE CARE OF IT. 

I've yet to find anything like Franklin & Whitman when it comes to skin care. They have plenty of other amazing products to check out as well (think dry shampoo, body scrubs, mineral soaks), but I'll save those for another blog post hehe. They even have products for the men and the puppies in your life ;) 

CLICK HERE to visit their web page! Code LINDSEY should come up and save you 20% at checkout. As always, feel free to message me on Instagram (@lindseylivingwell) or email me with any questions. If you made it this far, thanks for listening and I love ya. Aaaand no, they're not paying me to write this.